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If you want to shop on K2 Herbal Incense
We have many categories of products from Code Black, Herbal Incense & Herbal Potpourri. While browsing through our website, for any product you want to order, just click “Add to Cart” or “Product Details” which is just below your chosen product. This will give you a chance to know more about the product. You will be able to choose if you need just one or more, which flavor you also want. After making the best choices, you can then add to Cart. If you have difficulty with the process, you can contact our online customer support term on the website and they will help you.

When you are finished shopping, go to the top right-hand corner of the Menu bar, and click on the cart, you will see the option of View Cart or Checkout. If you need to view your order, then you click “View Cart” but if you want to check out and make your purchase, then click “Checkout”.

This will lead you to a Page where you will insert your shipping information, the duration of shipping you prefer, and also a secure payment gateway using 128-bit SSL encryption. Once you proceed to fill this information, click “Place Order”. At this point, we shall receive your order and your payment shall be processed under a Secure Payment Gateway using 128-bit SSL Encryption. Making your payment via our website is safe and secured.

Make sure you fill incorrect delivery information or required data as it is very important, we won’t make reshipping if the package is transported to a wrong address. When your payment is confirmed, we shall send a confirmation message to your email. If your payment is not confirmed due to any problem, we will contact you by email or will call you so that we can complete the payment process together.

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we are responsible for your order you place when it is not yet delivered. We guarantee a 100% safe delivery of the products you ordered. So if it doesn’t arrive within 7 working days, you should contact us so we can reship the order or check with our shipping company what the problem is. we reship any undelivered package for free.

Yes! We offer Free Shipping on ALL orders over $500.

We ship Worldwide. You will receive your products in a 100% discreet package. Our customer Privacy and Safety is our major priority. your package is ship out 100% discreet, 100% safe, and secured.

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